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My Story


My name is Cooper, I am a 16yr old Grom, who has grown up on the East Coast of Australia in a Surfing family, and I am the creator of ‘Surfing Is My Coffee’.


The phrase started in the Christmas of 2020, standing on the sand of a South Coast Beach whilst doing a surf check. Whilst my mum and dad were off getting a Coffee, I turned to my mates and said “surfing is my coffee”. The phrase was a hit with my mates.


In the school year that followed I decided to use my phrase in the Textiles subject that I was studying. I produced a ‘reusable’ cloth bag, with the hand-sketched phrase and image screen printed on it. After showing my parents the design, they suggested we Trademark the phrase & design and turn it into a little business. Mum & dad had some sample garments made for me for my 13th Birthday, and it was from there that we decided to definitely take this further and start a little Surf Clothing Company. It is a lot to take on for a 13yr old surf Grom, but like any surfer, I am up for the challenge…..


I truly do believe that all surfers will agree, ‘Surfing Is My Coffee’!

The Birth of ‘Surfing Is My Coffee’

New Arrivals

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